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The International Police Organization IPO is a Multinational International Professional non-profit and

non-governmental organization with National and International membership that does not pursue

for-profit economic goals, cooperates with National and International State Institutions to achieve its

objectives and goals but is independent of public administration, state institutions, political or religious,

whether these be native or foreign.

The membership in IPO is open to all those who meet the criteria according to the respective categories

and who adapt to the IPO program, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, and political ideas.

The establishment, creation of this Organization is based on the ratified National and International
Legislation to support, assist and advise law enforcement institutions and citizens through various
Training and Projects to be closer to the community.

The vision is to build a society without threats of crime and aims to work closely with law
enforcement agencies to provide technical and professional assistance in the prevention of criminal
offenses, the study, investigation, and investigation of perpetrators, tracing, apprehending,
documenting criminal activity and bringing suspects to justice, as well as developing and
implementing strategies and action plans for the prevention and combating of general and organized
crime through co-operation with National & International Organizations for the implementation of
programs and different projects about this field.

The purpose of the International Police Organization is to develop and manage a range of programs
designed to identify, secure, analyze and evaluate data on potential risks to life, material goods and
the environment in general, as well as the permanent provision of information data on the likelihood
of emergency of risks, and possible criminal activities.

Prevention as the first phase of the security cycle focuses on the study, research, and identification
of criminality and perpetrators, the creation of a safe community environment, coordinating
activities with State Institutions, relevant National and International Law Enforcement
Organizations, and with citizens, in particular, as well as enhancing evidence for the prevention of
criminal offenses through professional development and empowerment, modernization, intensive
cooperation, and engagement, primarily with the community and other partners.

The IPO has as its primary objective, the civic and institutional motivation for law enforcement in a
professional, effective, and efficient manner, as well as capacity building in the fight against crime,
and negative phenomena in cooperation with relevant institutions for the prevention of general and
organized crime, piracy, terrorism, and others illicit trafficking of all kinds by supporting, assisting,
advising and sponsoring justice and citizens through various training, programs, and projects to be
closer to the community.

The IPO places particular emphasis on capacity building through training of civil servants as well as
police and judicial officials, equipment upgrades, and enhanced cooperation between local law
enforcement agencies and international cooperation on the exchange of expertise and strategies in the field.


The study and prevention of general and organized crime, major crimes, and terrorism
include a number of specific objectives, as follows:
1- Inter-Institutional and International Co-operation and Coordination
2- Study and prevention of organized crime, narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, migrant
smuggling, gun smuggling, and Cybercrime
3- Studying and preventing radicalism and violent extremism, conducting proactive and
reactive research.
4- Study and prevention of economic, financial, and corruption crimes
5- Increasingefficiency and quality in the investigative work of Police and judicial
investigators through the provision of vocational training courses and programs.

Strategic Objectives:
The IPO has as its Strategic Objective, cooperation with private and public entities, universities,
schools and national and international professional institutes for the organization and development
of vocational training program packages, courses, training, conventions, and seminars in the field of
education, training, and professionalization in the field that this Organization operates with the aim of:

- Creation and consolidation of civil society skills in public communication and civic education,
encouraging citizens to social activities, their involvement, and participation in the development

of the community as a whole as a major factor in reducing crime.

-To provide the general community with programs, courses, and training for a particular
profession focusing on the application of theoretical and practical skills and knowledge.

-To provide institutional training enabling the development of professional knowledge, skills, and
attitudes necessary for effective performance within a profession by enabling participants to acquire
additional knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform and develop effective work aimed at
increasing their employment prospects or maintaining their current employment.

-To provide the opportunity, in cooperation with the State Institutions and the private sector, for the
inclusion of the unemployed and job seekers in vocational training through combined training
enabling the attendance of network and practical courses.

Objectives of particular importance:
The IPO pays great attention to youth with the objective of particular importance being active
participation of youth in social processes, creating opportunities and supporting youth employment,
educating and preventing harmful phenomena for youth, raising their awareness of negative
phenomena, identifying passive youth and involving as many youths as possible in activities against
bad phenomena.

Initiating and encouraging the activation of young people on issues of common national and
international interest in the capacity of the Advisory Institution on issues and situations related to
youth, advancement, and protection of activities for the benefit of young people youth
infrastructure, organizing and managing campaigns and activities to prevent the use of narcotics,
alcohol, and tobacco, activating and organizing youth in social life such as sports, arts, culture,
health, economics, etc., as well as the restoration of professions free for career building and
tolerance between them.

Increase the level of youth involvement in social, social, and cultural life, their development and
integration in professional and economic life, through volunteering, recreation, organization,
performance, and realization of various activities and create the opportunity to establish and manage
multifunctional Youth Centers for Youth.
Analytical approach to data, the definition of problems, objectives, measures to be taken as well as
recommendation for prevention and resolution of problems In line with IPO programs and
objectives, based on cross-sectoral and specific policies, where the main goals and high priority are:
Increasing Youth Participation in decision-making processes and increasing youth involvement in
sectoral policy-making that directly impacts youth.
Integration of young people in society, social, economic and cultural life through various
cultural, artistic, and sports activities, etc.
Young people educated and prepared to face all the challenges of life as responsible
members of the local and European communities.
Promoting employment through Programs, vocational training, and youth support.
Young people, aware of the importance of maintaining health for the individual and
social well-being, as well as their contribution as a responsible citizen of the country.
Young people prepared to identify, prevent and address in a timely and effective manner
the risk posed to young people.

The International Police Organization IPO is formed with the aim of increasing knowledge of
security among citizens with different types of education. We will try to solve security problems
and adequately represent them to public and security officials by exchanging experiences and ideas.
We will strive to share the experience of policemen, agents, and others with citizens,

with the use of lessons, seminars, and other forms of education.

The IPO will have the role of giving full support to the country’s security officials in every nation

that has pressing IPO officials.
In case of any emergency situation, the organization will urgently call on its members to assist the
officials of an authorized country in an area where the emergency occurs.

Unlike other organizations with a similar name, where civilians can only be honorary or
sympathizer members, the IPO is an organization in which civilians are the main members.

Our leaders are security experts, former and current members of the police, army, and security
services, they are here to share their knowledge and skills with ordinary citizens so they know how to
act in emergency situations.

Our motto “Strong IPO for better world” will become synonymous with every member

To contribute together, for a safer community, for a safer tomorrow.

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