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Our Expertise Performance
CONPEC is an entity established and focused on acting in the areas of Judicial Expertise, Civil and Criminal Technical Assistance, and also in Education.

In the areas of Judicial Expertise and Judicial or Extrajudicial Technical Assistance, we work to meet the needs of Judges, Prosecutors, Public Defenders, Lawyers and Companies, preparing Expert Reports, Technical Opinions and Assistance in contesting reports from official bodies, whether civil or criminal , in the sphere of Federal, State and Labor Courts; for this we have in our expert staff qualified and qualified professionals to carry out the most diverse types of expertise, such as: Labor and Accounting Calculations, Graphic Techniques, False Documents, Occupational Safety, Physicians (Psychologists, Dentists, Physiotherapists etc..) , Engineering and others.
Our Pedagogical Performance
In the pedagogical field, we work training and qualifying professionals. from the most diverse areas of graduation and knowledge, to work in the field of expert activity, either as a Judicial Expert (judicial sphere) or Technical Assistant (in the judicial or extrajudicial sphere), through in-person and extension classes, totaling 600 (Six hundred ) hours; at the end of the course, a Certificate of Specialization Completion recognized by the MEC is awarded, and, if desired, its inclusion in our Register of Experts and Membership Card.

We provide our students with all the necessary teaching material (handouts and models of petitions, reports, opinions, etc...)

We have a Partnership Agreement with a Brazilian Faculty recognized by MEC and American Universities, so that our Certificates are issued with these records, which, without a shadow of a doubt, will represent a great differential for their holders.

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