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External Relations Commission (ERC)

Chairperson: Mendel mendlevicks

The Chairperson of the External Relation Commission (ERC) Mr. Mendel main task is to promote the WORLDPOL through establishing and maintaining relations with international organizations.

The CERC sets the annual strategy of ERC tasks, maintains and enhances the WORLDPOL’s recognition, while also looking to form new partnerships. He proposes a plan of action and goals for the term in order to develop the impact of the WORLDPOL's relations, together with the designated members of the ERC.

He takes part in events if appropriate and proposes PR activities in relation to ERC activities. The CERC also compiles and disseminates the UN Quadrennial Report.

ERC Commission Members:

  •  Ireland - Partnership and Memorandum of Understanding

  • Belgium - IEB Representative at EU, Brussels

  • Austria - IEB Representative at UNODC, Vienna, Austria

  •  Luxemburg - Partnership and Memorandum of Understanding

  • USA - IEB Representative at UN, New York, USA

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